The story behind the reputation

A proud partnership between Cold Lake First Nations & GenMec ACL Industrial Inc. 

CoMec Energy Services is majority owned by Cold Lake First Nations and managed by GenMec ACL Industrial. Together we have the knowledge and expertise to successfully complete any project that we undertake. We have all the resources necessary to make your project/facility run smooth and the safety designations and years of experience to prove it.

We proudly service locations ranging from North Eastern Alberta all the way to inner British Columbia. No matter how remote, we can help.

  • COMMITMENT: We are committed to safety and quality services at competitive rates.
  • OPPORTUNITY: We provide meaningful, well paying jobs by building capacity within the local community.
  • MUTUAL BENEFITS: By being active participants in energy development and keeping our profits local, everyone benefits.
  • ENVIRONMENT: This is our home. When the oil is gone, we will still be here. We operate in an environmentally sound manner to develop natural resources with the least possible impact.
  • COMMUNITY: Economic growth is the cornerstone of every healthy community. We work cooperatively to capture the greatest benefits for our community from every barrel of oil.


Through our managing partner, GenMec ACL Industrial Inc., we are CWB and ABSA certified with quality individuals who deliver a quality product.



Majority owned by Cold Lake First Nations, “CoMec” represents the partnership that is key to maximizing the greatest economic benefit from the energy development in the local area.

Additional Successful Cold Lake First Nations Partnerships

Cold Lake First Nations’ response to the oil and gas industry’s rapid growth and their need to increase First Nations participation in their projects has resulted in the creation of many partnership to build capacity and facilitate sustainable operations in the area. Here are some other successful CLFN companies:

Proudly serving the Prairie provinces including North Eastern Alberta all the way to inner British Columbia.

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