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Plan the Work and Work the Plan

Through our managing partner, Genmec ACL Inc., we are CWB and ABSA certified with quality individuals who deliver a quality product. We are constantly improving our work procedures and processes to ensure a quality product in a safe and time efficient manner.

At Comec Energy Services we have a workforce dedicated to making safety and quality a way of life. Our safety program is continually evolving with the changing times and environments that we work in. Our employees and management team are dedicated to working together on every project to ensure that quality work is done with safety as the number one consideration.

Comec Energy Services core safety value is that “we believe all injuries are preventable and quality is our commitment to you.” Safety at Comec Energy Services means everyone goes home at the end of the shift incident and injury free. We work with the client to ensure our job sites are safe, secure and serve as the best environment possible to deliver a quality product.

Comec Energy Services safety commitment extends beyond its employees. Everyone associated with the company, whether an employee from another firm or a child playing at a park next to one of our job sites, deserves piece of mind knowing that they are in good hands.